National Geographic September 1980 Back Issue

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National Geographic Magazine September 1980

National Geographic September 1980


Islam's Troubled Heartland { Islam Up in Arms; Islam's Heartland, Up in Arms}
A panorama of unrest from Afghanistan to Africa is surveyed by GEOGRAPHIC writer- photographer Thomas J. Abercrombie and detailed on a timely new supplement map.
Saudi Arabia: The Kingdom and Its Power
Oil wealth beyond imagination has come to a nomadic, patriarchal, long- impoverished desert society. Robert Azzi, a U. S. photojournalist with access to Arabia's royal family, reveals how the nation is dealing with overwhelming change.
Undersea World of a Kelp Forest
Biologist Sylvia A. Earle and marine cameraman Al Giddings find kaleidoscopic life amid seaweed off California's Santa Catalina island.
September, Remember. .. Atlantic Waters Spawn the Deadly, Unpredictable Hurricane! { Hurricane! ; Into the Eye of David ; Dominica }
Each summer huge tropical cyclones whirl out of the Atlantic and Caribbean toward North America - - and each year people forget their potential for devastation.
Madawaska: French Accent Down East { Madawaska: Down East With a French Accent}
In a tranquil valley along Maine's border with Canada, national divisions blur as independent- minded people cling to tradition. By Perry Garfinkel and Cary Wolinsky.


Franklin Porcelain: Marianne The Minuet: Marianne The Minuet:
McDonnell Douglas: McDonnell Douglas DC- 10: The More You Learn About Our Dc- 10, The More You Know How Great It Really Is
National Geographic Society: National Geographic Society Membership: A Swinging Trunk Stops The Shooting
Smith- Corona: Portable Typewriter: Protect Your Investment With A Smith- Corona { SCM Corporation}
Bethlehem Steel Corporation: Bethlehem Steel: Environmental Activist Tom McAuliffe: When It Comes To Cleaning Air, I' ll Match This Bethlehem ' Dust Catcher' Against Any In The Steel Industry.
Sony Corporation Of America: Whole Earth Radio: Sony Introduces The Whole Earth Radio


MIDEAST IN TURMOIL(14 3/4 x 20 3/4 in.)
Included: Notes about Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the Yemens, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the superpowers, Persian Gulf oil. ; Also included: Map shows refugee centers, Israeli settlements, oil

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