National Geographic July 1985 Back Issue

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National Geographic Magazine July 1985

National Geographic July 1985


Hampton Roads, Where the Rivers End
Since colonial times this protected Virginia roadstead has been a vital shipping artery. William S. Ellis and Karen Kasmauski explore rejuvenated Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, Hampton, and their environs.
16th- Century Basque Whalers in America { Excavating a 400- year- old Basque Galleon}
Archaeologists James A. Tuck and Robert Grenier describe the discovery of a 400- year- old whaling station and sunken ships.
16th- Century Basque Whalers in America { Unearthing Red Bay's Whaling History}
James A. Tuck excavates centuries- old Basque whaling stations at Red Bay on Labrador's coast.
16th- Century Basque Whalers in America { Discovery in Labrador: A 16th- Century Basque Whaling Port and Its Sunken Fleet}
Among the first to reap treasures of the New World, Basque voyagers made the Labrador coast the center of a booming oil industry. Photos by Bill Curtsinger and paintings by Richard Schlecht.
16th- Century Basque Whalers in America { The Indomitable Basques}
Robert Laxalt traces the Basques' history and long record of exploration.
Israel: Search for the Center { Israel: Searching for the Center}
A young nation strives to maintain age- old traditions in a high- tech, high- risk world. By Priit J. Vesilind and James L. Stanfield.
Iran Under the Ayatollah
Photojournalist Michael Coyne, with a team of Australian filmmakers invited to Iran by its revolutionary leaders, found a nation locked in religious fervor and an ongoing war.
Saving the World's Largest Flower
Deep in the rain forests of southeastern Asia, botanist Willem Meijer seeks rare specimens of a spectacular plant with yard- wide blossoms. Photographs by Edward S. Ross.


Chrysler Corporation: Chrysler Dodge Caravan, Plymouth Voyager: We Make The Most Family Wagon In America
American Telephone & Telegraph Company ( A. T. & T. ): A. T. & T. Opportunity Calling: How Your Long Distance Calls Can Stay Precious For Years To Come { Bell Telephone System}
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company: Insurance And Financial Services: Put The Balanced Thinking Of John Hancock To Work For Your Family
Whirlpool Corporation: Refrigerator: Now Look What' s Behind Whirlpool No- Fingerprint Doors
Deere & Company: Tractor Offer: Own A John Deere Tractor For $ 2. 29
National Geographic Society: National Geographic World Magazine: Open Up A New World Of Fun For Children

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