National Geographic July 1980 Back Issue

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National Geographic Magazine July 1980

National Geographic July 1980


The Bulgarians: People to Match a Rugged Land { The Bulgarians}
Boyd Gibbons frames a portrait of spirit, industry, and a will to make do in a socialist system that offers few luxuries and squelches criticism. Photographs by James L. Stanfield.
Giant Otters, a Vanishing Breed { Giant Otters in Peril; Giant Otters: Big Water Dogs in Peril}
In the jungles of Suriname, Nicole Duplaix studies South America's endangered big water dogs. Photographs by Bates Littlehales.
Bulgaria's Ancient Treasures { Ancient Bulgaria's Golden Treasures}
A trove of copper and gold artifacts supports author Colin Renfrew's theory that metallurgy evolved in Europe independent of Near East influences. Photographs by James L. Stanfield; paintings by Jean- Leon Huens.
Return to Uganda
With her Canadian husband, a Ugandan woman goes home after seven years, to find that her nation's sorrows did not end with the fall of Idi Amin. By Jerry and Sarah Kambites, with photographs by Sarah Leen.
China's Born- again Giant { Shanghai: Muscle and Smoke Born- Again Giant; Shanghai: China's Born- again Giant}
Mike Edwards finds signs of stabilization in Shanghai, a city that has known both the heights of progress and the depths of chaos. With photographs by Bruce Dale, plus a double supplement map of China and its peoples.
A Buckaroo Stew of Fact and Legend: The Pony Express { Grit and Glory: The Pony Express; Pony Express, Legend and Fact; The Pony Express}
Indians and the elements warred against those young couriers of 1860- 61 who galloped into legend. Rowe Findley and photographer Craig Aurness retrace the historic route.


Datsun: Datsun Automobiles: We Are Driven { Nissan Motor Corporation U. S. A. }
Citicorp: Citicorp Travelers Checks: Lose Citicorp Travelers Checks In Maputo And You' re Not Up The Zambezi Without A Paddle
National Geographic Society: National Geographic Society Membership: Veracruz, 8, 000 Years Of Habitation
Franklin Porcelain: The Country Year: The Country Year
Beech Aircraft Corporation: Beechcraft Aircraft: Long Distance Calls
Toyota Motor Sales, U. S. A. , Inc. : Toyota Celica: The Celica GT Liftback


THE PEOPLE' S REPUBLIC OF CHINA(30 3/8 x 37 1/2 in.)

THE PEOPLES OF CHINA(30 3/8 x 37 1/2 in.)
Map shows ethnolinguistic groups in China.

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