National Geographic August 1985 Back Issue

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National Geographic Magazine August 1985

National Geographic August 1985


The Land Where the Murray Flows
From mountains to sea, Louise E. Levathes and David Robert Austen follow the problems and promise of the Murray River, lifeblood of Australia's major agricultural region.
Our Restless Planet Earth { Illustrations text}
Slowly, inexorably, the face of our world is changing. New tools help scientists tell where we' ve been and where we' re going. Rick Gore and photographer James A. Sugar document the latest discoveries.
The Pearl
These aquatic gems have long measured wealth, majesty, and romance. Fred Ward traces the history of pearls into today's mass culturing of many varieties.
Fossils: Annals of Life Written in Rock
From the birth of microscopic bacteria 3. 4 billion years ago to a 25- million- year- old saber- toothed cat fight, secrets of Earth's history are chronicled in rock. By James L. Amos and David Jeffery.
Senegambia: A Now and Future Nation
Already united by cultural heritage of their people, two governments have joined forces in transportation, defense, and communications. Michael and Aubine Kirtley explore the confederation of Senegal and the Gambia.


American Telephone & Telegraph Company ( A. T. & T. ): Long Distance Telephone Service: AT& T Puts It All On The Line For You { Bell Telephone System}
Nissan Motor Corporation U. S. A. : Nissan Pulsar NX 200 SX 300 ZX: Nissan Excels In Competitive Sports
National Geographic Society: National Geographic Television Programs: In August On Nickelodeon Cable TV: National Geographic Explorer
Radio Corporation Of America ( RCA) : Small Wonder VHS Camcorder: Small Wonder RCA Brings It All Into Focus { R C A Victor Company, Inc. }
Ford Motor Company: Ford Tempo: Ford Tempo. The Forward Thinking Car.
AFS International Exchanges: AFS International Exchange Program: Explore The World Without Leaving Home


EARTH' S DYNAMIC CRUST(18 1/2 x 22 3/4 in.)
Included: World showing active tectonic features.
Included: Basin and Range, Colorado Plateau, Columbia River Plateau, Juan de Fuca Plate, Laremide Oregeny, Snake River Plain, Sierra Nevada Batholith.

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