National Geographic December 1975 Back Issue

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National Geographic Magazine December 1975

National Geographic December 1975


The Maya { Resurrecting the Grandeur of Tikal}
William R. Coe recounts the 14- year struggle of archeologists to lay bare a crumbled, jungle- shrouded metropolis in Guatemala.
The Maya { Riddle of the Glyphs}
Deciphering Maya writing can mean a deadly race between scholars and art thieves. National Geographic archeologist George E. Stuart and photographer Otis Imboden report on progress in unlocking the mystery of Maya hieroglyphs.
The Maya { The Maya, Children of Time}
Staggering accomplishments in art, architecture, astronomy, and mathematics marked the ancient civilization of the Maya. The glory is gone, but ways of the past still guide their descendants' lives. By Howard La Fay, with photographs by David Alan Harv;
The Maya { A Traveler's Tale of Ancient Tikal}
Artist Peter Spier re- creates the daily life of that long- abandoned Maya city, which in its day rivaled the splendor of Rome. Text by Alice J. Hall.
Rafting Down the Yukon
Four young adventurers relive the Klondike gold rush in the course of a two- year, 1, 850- mile river odyssey. Keith Tryck and Robert Clark tell the tale.
Iowa's Enduring Amana Colonies
Descendants of a German religious sect succeed in clinging to the past while living comfortably in the present. By Laura Longley Babb, with photographs by Steve Raymer.
New Energy from an Old Source: the Wind { Can We Harness the Wind? }
In today's crucial search for more energy, engineers look again at power our forefathers used. By Roger Hamilton and Emory Kristof.


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