National Geographic August 1975 Back Issue

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National Geographic Magazine August 1975

National Geographic August 1975


The Niger: River of Sorrow, River of Hope { River of Sorrow, River of Hope}
Georg Gerster paints a vivid portrait of West Africa's fickle Niger, sometime bringer of riches and at other times of wrenching, drought- borne poverty.
The Pious Ones ( Hasidic Jews) { The Pious Ones}
Harvey Arden and Nathan Benn explore the closed world of Brooklyn's Hasidic Jews - - a bit of old Hungary transported to a tenement neighborhood in America's largest city.
Ice Bird Ends Her Lonely Odyssey
David Lewis chalks up a triumphant failure when he brings his tiny sloop safely to Capetown after yet another dismasting in Antarctic seas.
The Treasure of Porto Santo
Engravings on a now- lost tankard told wreck- hunter Robert Stenuit where to look for an 18th- century East Indiaman and her cargo of silver bars. Photographs by the author and William R. Curtsinger.
Toronto: Canada's Dowager Learns to Swing { The New Toronto; Canada's Dowager Learns to Swing}
If you still think of Toronto as respectably dull, it's time to take another look, say National Geographic's Ethel Starbird and Bob Madden.
Will Coal Be Tomorrow's Black Gold ?
As oil prices soar, yesterday's scorned fuel looks better and better. But it's not the whole answer - - yet. By Gordon Young and James P. Blair.


Aluminum Company Of America ( ALCOA) : Aluminum Company Of America: Four Metals Conduct Electricity Efficiently
First National City Bank: Travelers Checks: Is There Actually Any One Reason Why You Should Ask For One Brand Of Travelers Checks Instead Of Another? { First National City Corporation First National City Bank Of New York}
National Geographic Society: National Geographic Society Membership: A New Crop Of Prizes . . .
Ford Motor Company: Ford Granada: Ford Granada
Union Oil Company: Petroleum Products: Today, The Pioneering Spirit Of 76 Is Men Like Roth And Pilat,
Caterpillar Tractor Company: Caterpillar Machinery: There Are No Simple Solutions. Only Intelligent Choices.

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