National Geographic June 1964 Back Issue

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National Geographic Magazine June 1964

National Geographic June 1964


[ Thresher] Tragedy Spurs Deep- sea Research { Down to [ Thresher] by Bathyscaph}
The Trieste, a deep- ocean exploration vessel, and its crew locate the scattered wreckage of the U. S. S. Thresher.
Exploring America Underground
The thrill of discovery and adventure lures thousands of Americans each year to explore the nation's vast network of underground caves.
Fabled Mount of St. Michael
St. Michael's Mount, like it's French counterpart Mont St. Michel, is a storybook island castle connected to the mainland via a causeway passable only at low tide.
[ Thresher] Tragedy Spurs Deep- sea Research { Lesson and Challenge}
The loss of the nuclear submarine U. S. S. Thresher illustrated that submarine technology had outpaced oceanographic knowledge of the great depths.
The Gooney Birds of Midway
Midway's meddlesome albatrosses present a quandary; how can the Navy safeguard these birds and protect pilots? Flocks of runway dwelling gooney's endanger Navy pilots using the island's airstrips.
Down East to Nova Scotia
Blue- water yachtsmen steer a course for the saltiest of Canada's Maritime Provinces.
Tomorrow on the Deep Frontier
The wet world - - three- quarters of our planet - - awaits us. A pioneer of the depths describes our exciting future undersea.


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