National Geographic May 1952 Back Issue

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National Geographic Magazine May 1952

National Geographic May 1952


Cyprus, Idyllic Island in a Troubled Sea: Britain's Eastern Mediterranean Base Has Known the Tramp of Many Armies, but Its Countryside Is Changeless
This small island in the Mediterranean has been a scene of contention for centuries. Now that it is a British protectorate, the culture and traditions of the Cypriots remain unchanged.
Thumbs Up Round the North Sea's Rim: Northern Europe Shows Its Human Side to Two Girl Hitchhikers Touring Youth Hostels from Sweden to France
Two hitchhikers recount their adventures touring youth hostels from Sweden to France.
I Sailed with Portugal's Captains Courageous
Following a tradition of 450 years, a fleet of Portuguese fishing vessels sets out each spring to fish the Grand Banks off Newfoundland.
The Making of a West Pointer: This Year the United States Military Academy Marks a Century and a Half of Training Men for Leadership
For 150 years, West Point has been the training ground for the military leaders of the United States.
Nature's Tank, the Turtle: This Leisurely Armored Reptile Takes Everything in Its Slow Stride but the Automobile
Many varieties of turtles have armored shells to protect them from predators - - except from humans and their automobiles.


General Motors Corporation ( GM) : Cadillac Automobiles: Cadillac Highlight Of The Day' s Activities1 { Cadillac Motor Car Company}
General Electric Company ( GE) : Black- Daylite Television: Even The Adirondaks No Barrier To G- E Black- Daylite Television
Santa Fe System Lines: Railroad Travel: Memories You' ll Treasure All The Rest Of Your Life
Esterbrook Pen Company: Esterbrook Pens: Choose The Right Point For The Way You Write { R. Esterbrook & Company Esterbrook Pen Manufacturing Company}
American Express Company: American Express Travelers Cheques: Having A Wonderful Vacation Thanks To American Express
Southern Railway System: Railroad Travel: Things Are Up And Up Down South!

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