National Geographic March 1940 Back Issue

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National Geographic Magazine March 1940

National Geographic March 1940


Turkey, Where Earthquakes Followed Timur's Trail
These rare photographs of Turkey were taken before northern Anatolia's devastating earthquake of December 1939.
Modern Odyssey in Classic Lands: Troy's Treasures, Athens' Parthenon, and Rome's First Broad Way Influence Today's Banks, Costumes, Jewelry, and Railroad Timetables
From Pisa to Pompeii, the Italian ruins and sculptures depicted in these photographs reveal a Roman civilization of great wealth that had a love for art.
Santorin and Mýkonos, Aegean Gems
Captured in full color, the brilliant white buildings of Santorin ( Thira) and Mykonos dazzle above the blue waters of the Aegean Sea.
Caviar Fishermen of Romania: From Vâlcov, Little Venice of the Danube Delta, Bearded Russian Exiles Go Down to the Sea
Where the Danube meets the Black Sea, Romanian fishermen pole wooden boats along canals, singing and searching for sturgeon eggs, known as caviar.
Italy, From Roman Ruins to Radio: History of Ancient Bridge Building and Road Making Repeats Itself in Modern Public Works and Engineering Projects
Anchored next to Venetian gondolas, Mussolini's yacht and Italian battleships symbolize Italy's ability to blend the old with the new.


Matson Navigation Company: Matson Cruises: Defying Description . . . Hawaii!
General Electric Company ( GE) : General Electric Company ( GE) : He Set A Trap For Lightning
Chrylser Corporation: Chrysler 1940 Plymouth: New Two- Way Revelation Of Today' s Car Values! { Plymouth}
Lockheed Aircraft Corporation: Lockheed Aircraft: Look To Lockheed For Leadership
Winter & Pond Company: Alaska Vacationland: Greet A Living Glacier, See Alaska
General Motors Corporation ( GM) : Buick Limited: On Eating Your Cake . . . and Having It Too { Buick Motor Company}



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