National Geographic January 1940 Back Issue

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National Geographic Magazine January 1940

National Geographic January 1940


South Florida's Amazing Everglades: Encircled by Populous Places Is a Seldom- visited Area of Rare Birds, Prairies, Cowboys, and Teeming Wild Life of Big Cypress Swamp
At the watery southern tip of Florida, the vast, subtropical Everglades swarms with owls, ibises, bullfrogs, and alligators.
On Danish By- Lanes: An American Cycles Through the Quaint City of Lace, the Curiosity Town Where Time Stands Still, and Even Finds a Frontier in the Farming Kingdom
Traveling through Denmark on a $ 12 bicycle, an American pauses in slow- paced Tonder, on Denmark's Jutland Peninsula, a farming village famous for its lace.
Southampton- -Gateway to London: The Port of Double Tides Where the Mayflower Moored Is Rich in Sea History and Lore of Early England
Southampton, located on the English Channel, welcomes hundreds of passenger ships and freighters every year.
Whales, Giants of the Sea: Wonder Mammals, Biggest Creatures of All Time, Show Tender Affection for Young, But Can Maim or Swallow Human Hunters
Sharing the oceans with dolphins and porpoises, whales are the largest animals in the world.


Lockheed Aircraft Corporation: Lockheed Aircraft: Built Like A Bridge For Greatest Strength!
Miami, Florida: Miami, Florida Travel Information: Miami: Romantic, Foreign- Yet
Atlantic Coast Line Railroad: Atlantic Coast Line Railroad: The Swing Is To Florida- Via Coast Line
General Motors Corporation ( GM) : Buick Limited: We Set Our Sights ' Way High { Buick Motor Company}
El Paso Gateway Club: El Paso, Texas Travel Information: Live In The Sun This Winter { El Paso, Texas}
Globe- Wernicke Company: Bookcases: These Sectional Bookcases Grow As Your Library Grows

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