National Geographic September 1910 Back Issue

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National Geographic Magazine September 1910

National Geographic September 1910


The Fringe of Verdure Around Asia Minor
Not unlike the coast of California, Anatolia is ringed by mountains, making for abundant vegetation on the seaward slopes but dry, bare country beyond the mountains' crests.
Conditions in Liberia
The U. S. Commission to Liberia reports that law and order prevail, life and property are adequately protected, and crime is promptly punished. But Liberia still needs help in maintaining its borders, developing its interior, controlling unruly tribes, a
Notes on the Only American Colony in the World
Liberia has a declaration of independence, a constitution, and a flag modeled closely after that of the U. S. , the author says, yet it is the only part of the African continent that is now governed by Africans.
The Greatest Volcanoes of Mexico
After Mount McKinley in Alaska, Mexico's Popocatepetl is the tallest mountain in North America and one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Photos are also presented of Toluca, Iztacchihuatl, and Orizaba are included.
Our Greatest Plant Food
In estimating the possible limit of American civilization, strength, and supremacy, the author believes one must take into account the nation's limited supply of phosphorus, a vital agricultural fertilizer.
Curious and Characteristic Customs of China
In many ways the customs of the Chinese are the reverse of the western world's: A horse is mounted from the right, intelligence resides in the stomach, and a vest is worn outside the coat.
Notes on Normandy
Normandy's history, including 30 years of English occupation, makes it in many ways a separate land from the rest of France.


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