National Geographic May 1910 Back Issue

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National Geographic Magazine May 1910

National Geographic May 1910


Camera Adventures in the African Wilds
Photographs of wild game in Africa by A. Radclyffe Dugmore demonstrate great tests of physical and moral courage that would challenge any soldier.
Fishes That Carry Lanterns
Fish with filaments and phosphorescent bulbs can be found worldwide - - especially in deep seas where light is faint.
The First Transandine Railroad from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso
The difficult mountain barrier between Argentina and Chile has been conquered. On a railway initiated by William Wheelwright of Massachusetts, a train can now make the trip from coast to coast in just 34 hours.
Our Coal Lands
Certain types of fossils point geologists toward productive coal beds.
Fight the Flies
Potentially carrying typhoid, cholera, and intestinal diseases, the common housefly leaves germs everywhere.
Notes on the Distances Flies Can Travel
The rapid wing rate of the fly and the power of the muscles that drive it raise intriguing questions of mechanics and physiology.
The House- Fly
Without the food, protection, and breeding places provided by human homes, the housefly probably could not exist.
Federal Fish Farming; or, Planting Fish by the Billion
For nearly 40 years the U. S. Bureau of Fisheries has been studying the country's waters and their inhabitants and learning how to cultivate the most useful fish and shellfish.


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