National Geographic October 1905 Back Issue

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National Geographic Magazine October 1905


The Great Canals of the World
The Society presents a history of great canals around the world.
The Peace of Latin America
Settled by Spaniards in search of gold, countries like Costa Rica and Peru struggle to find a sense of identity and purpose. Internal unrest is the frequent result, but 1905 saw unprecedented peace in Latin America.
Forestry in California
Spearheading forest preservation efforts in the early 1900's, California embraces federal reserve proposals rejected by other states, experiments with fire prevention and control plans, and implements less destructive lumbering practices.
Polar Exploration
Though both Peary and Amundsen have Arctic expeditions afield, the 1905 season has been a quiet one for polar exploration.
Progress on the Panama Canal
The United States'supervision of the canal's construction has improved upon earlier efforts by introducing improved sanitary conditions, pure water supplies, and more comfortable housing for canal workers.
Chinese Labor for Mexico
Mexican plantation owners badly in need of workers are trying to secure Chinese laborers.
The Population of Japan
Though Japan's population growth from 1893 to 1903 was not excessive, the recently industrialized island nation faces the issue of urban overcrowding, a problem already well known to Western countries.


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MAP SHOWING LOCATION OF PANAMA CANAL, as recommended by the Isthmian Canal Commission of 1899- 1902()

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