National Geographic May 1906 Back Issue

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National Geographic Magazine May 1906


Annual Excursion of the National Geographic Society
The annual excursion of the Society will be a trip to the Luray Caverns in Page County, Virginia.
The New British Empire of the Sudan
Britain's new territory has a revitalized capital, Khartoum, a new railway, and a landscape varying from swamp to sandy desert.
The Breaking Up of the Yukon
The onset of spring in Alaska brings the slow thaw of the Yukon River, followed by a flood of more than three million tons a minute that sweeps away many of the trees along its bank.
The San Francisco Earthquake of April 18, 1906, as Recorded by the Coast and Geodetic Survey Magnetic Observatories
The seismograph, a small machine that can record ground vibrations thousands of miles away, has helped scientists in Washington, D. C. , to better understand the nature of the destructive San Francisco earthquake.
The Record of the Great Earthquake Written in Washington by the Seismograph of the U. S. Weather Bureau
With the aid of a seismograph, scientists are able to measure and study the powerful vibrations of earthquakes around the world, such as the recent one in San Francisco.
The Probable Cause of the San Francisco Earthquake
The recent San Francisco earthquake could be attributed to a number of natural occurrences like the peculiarities of the Coast Range and the complex network of faults in the region.
Mount Vesuvius
Its summit now 800 feet lower, Italy's Mount Vesuvius again shattered the peace of its surrounding towns and villages with a terrifying volcanic eruption.


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